About The Artist


  Originally from a quiet town in Massachusetts, Elsie took on NYC to obtain her BFA in 2009 from SVA. Currently residing in Austin, Texas she paints to pique interest and curiosity in the female form.

"As ever changing beings, the idea of capturing a portrait seems in vain. My work is not about realistic portraits but of the person captured through color and emotion. The female figure is of most interest to me. Ideas of her growth in sexuality and loss of innocence are often an underlying subject."



Peach Fuzz Magazine


Peach Fuzz Magazine


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Vagina Zine



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  • Almost Real Things Issue 8

  • Peach Fuzz Magazine Vol. 4 Issue 4

  • Hey Lady Issue I

  • Hey Lady Issue IV

  • Vagina Zine #17

  • The Sketchbook Project 2013

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Work Shown:                              

2018     Issue 9: Karen Dalton Pop Up Exhibit Las Cruxes, Austin TX

2018     Texas Vignette                                                                    Womens Museum, Dallas TX

2017      12th & Resist                                                                        Leona Gallery, Austin TX

2017      3P's (Pets, People, Places)                                                  Art For The People Gallery, Austin TX

2017      Abstract Absolutely                                                            Art For The People Gallery, Austin TX

2017      Canopy GO Anniversary                                                    Omni Modern, Austin TX

2017     ArtWillSaveUs                                                                       Cherry Cola Dog Gallery, Austin TX

2016     La Femmes                                                               Mindzai Creative, Austin TX

2015   #Gold_On_Gold_On_Gold                                            Little Pink Monster Gallery, Austin, TX                

2012       Bagavagabonds "Art Migration"                                  Empire Garage, Austin, TX

2010      “Milk of Paradise”                                                           Ingraham Ave, Brooklyn, NY

2009     Ubuntu Theatre                                                              Chez Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY

2009     “Everything Good in Life”                                              The Co-Op. W37th St. NY, NY

2009     BFA Thesis Show.

School of Visual Arts, NY, NY