About The Artist

Elsie Greer is an artist painting women to pique interest and curiosity in the female form. Originally from a quiet town in Massachusetts, she took on New York City to obtain her BFA in 2009 at the School of Visual Arts. Currently residing in Austin, Texas Elsie is an avid promoter for supporting and purchasing local art through many avenues.



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Work Shown:                              

2017     .ArtWillSaveUs                                                                      Group Show

             Cherry Cola Dog Galler, Austin TX

2016     La Femmes Show                                                                 Group Show

             Mindzai Creative, Austin TX

2015   #Gold_On_Gold_On_Gold                                            Group Show

              Little Pink Monster Gallery, Austin, TX                

2014     "We Met at sunset "                                                       Solo show

                UP Collective, Austin, TX

2013      The Sketchbook Project.                                             Group Project

                Brooklyn Art Library, NY

                    Online Sketchbook

2012       Bagavagabonds "Art Migration"                                   Group Show

                  Empire Automotive, Austin, TX

2010      “Milk of Paradise”                                                          Group Show

                 Ingraham Ave, Brooklyn, NY

2009     Ubuntu Theatre                                                              Group Show

                Chez Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY

2009     “Everything Good in Life”                                              Group Show

                  The Co-Op. W37th St. NY, NY

2009     BFA Thesis Show.

                  School of Visual Arts, NY, NY